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Oracle Paranormal has been a dream of mine for a long time. I wanted to create a network of people who are interested in the paranormal. I want to give EVERYONE the opportunity to investigate haunted buildings, no matter their beliefs or experience.

Oracle try to keep our group numbers under 16 as we feel this keeps it more personal we feel we owe our customers the very best out of their evening of communication.


We have invested heavily in making sure you benefit from a wide range of the latest technology in the paranormal field.


When you are with us  we want you to feel closer to Spirit and leave us with a firmer belief than when you came.

Your Team

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Spirit board communication at one of our events


Chambercombe Manor, Ilracome - by far the most frightenning place we have investigated

Chambercombe 2020 - movement picked up by lazer grid in an empty room with a motion camera

Chambercombe Orb.jpg

Chambercombe manor Feb 2020 - During the break in our investigation while the team where in the neighboring building, our motion activated cameras start taking pictures. The below is what they caught. Check out the bottom left hand side of the frame, starting in picture two a woman appears next to the bed, by picture four she has gone again.

Chambercombe lady series 3.jpg
Chambercombe lady series 6.jpg
Chambercombe lady series 4.jpg
Chambercombe lady series last.jpg
Chambercombe lady series 1.jpg

This is the same picture, but I have cropped and filtered the colour to show the anomaly clearer.

Anomaly at St Nicholas

Claire Black and White.png

Sherborne Castle 2019


Break time shenanegans at St Nicholas

Little Boy in Glass Allhallows 2.jpg
Little Boy in Glass Allhallows.jpg

The boy at Allhallows