Night vision cameras

A night vision camera, enables you to see/record in a spectrum of light outside the normal visable range.
They use infra red to be able to record and while the image maybe be quite well lit on the footage or images, to our eyes while recording, they operate in almost complete darkness.
The idea is that spirits and ghosts are more likely to be present in the hours of darkness, and a device that can record images in this enviroment could be helpful with evidence.
Conversely, they can also prove that, if a voice is heard or an item moves within its field of view, that human involvement wasn't resonsible. This can then make an event that you maybe unsure of, into something far more interesting.
They have been around now for a long time, in different forms. From VHS back in the late 90's, to now in the full digital domain.
Newer digital cameras should be better, as they operate at a much higher resolution and have no motor inside, to drive the tape mechanism, and therefore run quieter.