Are you looking to join our team? 

To be a real Paranormal Investigator you need DEDICATION. I am not just talking about driving out in the damp cold nights to stand for hours in creepy buildings. I’m talking about coming home after work tired, and opening up the laptop (or phone) and sharing some adverts to selling sites, or chatting to one of our wonderful clients about their events and what they liked or what they want to see, sharing pictures of anomalies and the unexplainable and looking at other peoples pictures with them.

 We are providing a community as well as entertainment and evidence of life after death.

The business side of Oracle mediumship works by selling tickets to the public, without their support we could not get access to the buildings that we do. We repay them for their purchased ticket by giving them a great evening. We make sure they get the best possible chance to witness something real. We use some of the best equipment on the market and we dedicate our evening to making theirs by showing them how the equipment works and finding evidence of the Paranormal with them.

We do not get paid at Oracle Mediumship. All profit made from our events has so far paid for bigger and better locations and at some point, will pay for bigger and better equipment.

We are currently a very spiritually based group and we are looking for our new team members to be logical and interested in the proof they collect more than the spiritual side.


So what are we looking for in a new team member?


STRONG interest in the Paranormal,

Open minded

Sceptical / Logical

Interest in the scientific side of investigation



Good communicator with mortals

Great making contacts and forging relationships

Confident advertiser

Competent with social media platforms

Competent using the internet for research and advertising

Confident with people


The role you are applying for would require you to do the following competently.

You would be required to post adverts to more than 10 different sites or groups twice a week, the adverts would be provided. This would be a year-round task. It is possibly the most important part of the role.

You will have to network with other Paranormal groups and chat forums regularly. It important to keep ideas fresh and the best way to do this is to see what has worked for other people, it’s always good to have friends in the business.

You will need to be confident around people you aren’t familiar with (its not as easy as it sounds). You will be asked to meet and greet our clients; you will be asked to make drinks for them and to keep chatting to them throughout the evening and on the odd occasion escort them through the properties. Their needs will always have to come first. You will need to be observant, if you see a problem to be able to identify it and communicate it to the team discreetly.

You will be asked on occasion to research on Google haunted locations for potential investigations, we try to refresh our list twice a year, we like everyone’s involvement and we quite often involve our clients.

Our team is mostly spiritual based. We are looking for someone who is not. You will need to be open minded, but we want a person who will be more interested in reaching for the digital recorder than waiting for the disembodied voice. We are looking to balance the team a little bit more.

We often have to stay at Bed and Breakfasts when we investigate further afield in these circumstances we do try to book in advance, and we try to stay as budget as possible 

If you feel that this is you and you are ready for a challenge and some exciting adventures then please fill out the application form

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