Ghost Hunt at Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe


About Chambercombe Manor

In September we visited this most haunted of locations for the first time. It took us about an hour to recognise that this building was haunted on a scale of which we hadnt seen before. The evning was thrilling and frightenning in equal measure, not to mention exhausting ! It didnt take us very long to decide we were going to go back again. 

Here it is.... By popular demand Chambercombe Manor the next Chapter.

The most famous legend associated with the manor is that of the owner of the Skeleton found in a four-poster bed walled up in a long forgotten room. 

In the 18th Century the house was occupied by an Alexander Oatway. His daughter Kate was married to a merchant and lived in Dublin.

 Alexander was reputed to be a Wrecker. He was thought to lure ships towards the treacherous coast line in order to wreck the ships and steal the cargo.  

One evening during a particularly rough storm Alexander discovered a badly injured woman stricken on the rocks. Trying to rescue her he carried her back to his house, where he and his wife tried in vain to save her.

 It was Alexanders greatest wish to own the manor, but he didn’t have the funds to pay for it. The woman he had rescued from the ocean appeared to have means but had sadly lost her life. Alexander and his wife reportedly took her money and jewellery which would now enable him to buy his beloved manor.

Soon after stealing the dead woman's jewellery and money, Alexander found out that the woman was his daughter Kate. It was thought that Kate was on her way to visit her Father and mother, when her ship hit the storm and ran into trouble.

Riddled with guilt Alexander walled up the body of the woman still in the bed where she died.

But this ill-fated family are not the only spectres you may meet while wandering through the hallways. Other reported spirits include children playing and a lady who sits by the pond.


Who will you bump into when you come with us to this most intriguing place!


Investigation Details 

Date - 18th September /  11th December

Arrival - 9pm  Departure - 2:30am

Food - Cold food spread hot drinks and soft drinks

Ticket Price  £50 (Reserve your space with a £20 deposit) 

Property - Medieval Manor House, Piracy, Ship wrecking, Murder 

Fear factor - 90% 

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