Oracle Paranormal Investigation

COVID-19 Health and safety precautions

We are "Good to Go" Certified


We want our customers to get the very best from our events. To help keep us all safe during these difficult times we have updated our Health and safety regulations for our events to include COVID-19 precautions, we will be asking all of our clients to support us by adhering to these rules when attending our events.

If you develop a dry cough, lose your sense of smell or develop any Coronavirus like symptoms we ask that you stay home.

When you arrive at one of our events there will be someone to meet you, before you enter the main body of the venue they will be taking your temperature using a digital thermometer. This registers the temperature of the surface of the skin. If you register at 38C + you will be asked to return home to self isolate and we advise that you seek medical attention.

When taking refreshments we ask that you sit at least 2 meters apart and do not sit opposite each other. You will be given your own disposable cup to drink from, this will be disposed of at the end of the night. 

We will be providing anti-bacterial wipes and we ask that whenever you come into contact with common surfaces that you wipe them down when you are finished.

Hand sanitiser will also be available; we ask that you use this at regular intervals after washing your hands.

We advise that you use face coverings, however this is optional.

All of the team will be following these rules while on investigations with you.

We are in regular contact with out venues, where possible they will be providing us with their own Health and safety routines which we will forward the clients on these investigations.

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All investigators must be over 18.

All of our events are for adults only, younger children may feel disturbed or frightened at our locations especially when it gets lively.

We discourage the elderly and people who are unable to walk unaided. This is simply because in the older properties we visit the flooring is usually uneven and there will be a great deal of stair climbing, you will do a lot of walking on our investigations!

However, if you are not able bodied you can always get in touch with us to see if we have any locations which would be suited to your condition.

Paranormal investigating is potentially dangerous for those with heart conditions. Or those who suffer from a nervous disposition

Pregnant woman… none of us are trained midwives! You will need to do a LOT of walking and you may find yourself in frightening situations, we advise you to not investigate if you are pregnant.

Shoes …. You will always want to wear sturdy, comfortable shoes when investigating, you will cover a lot of walking during the night.

Wrap up warm… There will be no central heating, you will tire out a lot quicker if you are not wrapped up warm so layers are the key, there will always be some where for you to put jumpers and coats should you get too hot.

There will always be a fire safety chat at the beginning of our investigations.