Kelvedon Hatch secret Bunker

About Kelvedon

At the end of a seemingly unending dirt track there is an unassuming house, made from post-war London stock bricks…. a façade for a secret nuclear bunker.

Kelvedon hatch Nuclear Bunker was originally built during the cold war, it is the ‘deepest and biggest’ in the country.

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Kelvedon was a working bunker, used by various military and government bodies for secret work. A dark and depressing place where workers spend many hours contemplating what might happen if the dreaded bomb was dropped destroying all life as they knew it. Grey walls, dismal lighting a building solely for function, its no surprise that there is rumoured to be at least one suicide here.

The recorded activity here are gowls, bangs, batteries draining suddenly, lights turn on or off there have been ghostly sightings, horrible oppressive feelings. There are few staff who will spend time on their own here.

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It is said that to build the bunker a sacred ancient burial site was disturbed, unleashing terrible curse on the souls who rested there, now doomed to wander the lonely tunnels

Kelvedon was built in a record breaking 16 weeks as the tensions grew over a possible nuclear attack. A legend associated with the building of the bunker is that of one of the builders, probably drowned as the hundreds of gallons of cement were poured in. Only his helmet was found, the man was never seen again, presumed buried alive within Kelvedon’s walls.

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Unfortunately because we are taking you around properties in the dark we cannot allow alcohol or heavily pregnant women on our events. 

We advise all of our guests layer up warmly and wear sensible shoes as with quite a lot of our ancient properties the floors are very uneven and some vigils take place out side. 

Our investigations are all adult only. Children & some adults may find them upsetting.

Before all of our investigations a fire safety briefing will be given.