Margam castle,

Port Talbot

The cursed castle

About your booking


If you have paid a deposit to reserve your spot then the balance of the ticket must be paid at the latest 1 calendar month before the event. You will receive an email from us confirming your reservation (please leave up to 48 hours for the email to arrive). 

On the evening we will greet you at the front door of the venue, if possible try to arrive 15 or 20 minutes early, we can make sure you get a hot drink and an introduction. We try not to begin until all of our evenings team arrive as it can be disruptive, but we do start on time.

We like to begin our events with a grounding session, this lasts no more than a few minutes and gets every one in the right frame of mind to kick off the evening. 

Usually about 11pm we take a break where we serve complimentary hot drinks and snacks to keep you all going, our break is usually only for 30 minutes and then we are back investigating.

What to expect from your evening

  • Our team of experienced investigators and medium are on hand through out the night so that you can participate in

  • Table Tipping

  • Seances

  • Spirit Board communication

  • Spirit Box (Spirit Voice) communication

  • Automatic Writing

  • Use of our Ghost Hunting Equipment (which includes but is not limited to)

  • EMF Meters

  • Digital recorder

  • Spirit boxes

  • Geo Box

  • SLS Camera

  • Spirit Board

  • Word Banks

  • REM Pods

  • Laser Grid


The event will include

  • Our usual group size is between 8 and 12, but on occasion may be more

  • No lengthy briefs or workshops (after a quick H&S run through, we like to get stuck in)

  • All group sessions are held with an experienced medium

  • Lone Vigils are welcome

  • Opportunity to run your own session

  • Complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks available throughout the night

  • We guarantee that everything you experience with us will be real

History of Margam Castle 

Margam Castle1.png

Built on ancient land which has been sacred for a thousand years. Where ancient tribes buried their dead in the surrounding hills. Margam stands majestic and tall. The spectacular seat of the Talbot family.


The Curse

After the dissolution of the abbeys in the 16th century, the Mansel family purchased the land with the ruined abbey and monastery. The lead and stone for the castle was taken from the ruined abbey,

Local legend is that when Christopher Rise Mancel Talbot took the stone and lead from the abbey to build his castle, both he and the castle became cursed. Indeed, his family witnessed tragedy, his descendants were in the end ruined, the wealth squandered, and the Talbot line eventually died out. Eventually in 1941 the castle was put up for auction.

For hundreds of years there have been reports of ancient ghosts wandering the property, even before the castle was built. To this day people still see a tall shadowy figure high in the castle.

During WW2 the castle served as lodgings for Allied troops. Here too strange stories of Paranormal activity were again circulated.

Margam Castle 5.jpg
Margam Castle3.jpg

Visited by Most Haunted and Paranormal Lockdown, Margam castle is a location were are very excited to Investigate.