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Old Forde House, Newton Abbot

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History of Forde House

Old Forde House, originally built in 1539 the building you see today was completed in 1610 is in the shape of the letter E, commonly thought to be in honour of Queen Elizabeth.

 In 1625 King Charles visited Forde house for a few days on his way to inspect his fleet in Plymouth he enjoyed his stay so much he stayed again on his way back to London.

 During the English Civil War (1646) Oliver Cromwell and Sir Thomas Fairfax stayed here on their way to capture the Port of Dartmouth. During the Civil war Forde house sustained a large amount of damage. During this time it belonged to the Courtenay family. In particular 1st Viscount Courtenay.

William of Orange stayed at the house in 1688 on the way to his coronation in London, having landed in Brixham a few days earlier.

This grand building has been a much-loved home for generations. An object of pride for an extremely well connected, well heeled family. Children have been born and elders have passed away with in these walls. You can almost hear the hushed conversations of Cromwell and Sir Thomas the night before the planned battle or perhaps William of Orange as negotiated his way to the throne of England.

We have had fantastic success as Forde house, we are hugely excited to be returning!