Chambercombe Manor

God where do I start ??? In September all i wanted to do was leave the place. It was a HORRIBLE atmosphere, literally everyone on the investigation huddled together for safety, more than once i asked myself what on earth i was doing here?

As a medium this place was the hardest most exhausting place to investigate. I could see the tall dark wirey shadow of a man, keeping himself hidden from view, but every now and then I could see his face appear behind one of the team, or over their shoulder in the dark. The wrinkled face of a man bitterly angry and spiteful, a long nose and crooked teeth whose dark eyes darted quickly around the room looking for a person to pick on. This spirit appeared to almost shape shift throughout the night, he would become slightly shorter and younger his character would become less vicious (less, but still very nasty) but still very angry and possesive. It took a while for me to realise this was another spirit entirely, a father and son.

During the night we conducted a seance, we left the Geo box running in the back ground, about 5 minutes in we can hear a woman screaming through it, her screams sounded to me like those of a woman terrified and in pain, it seemed to go on and on and over the top of it you could hear a mans voice but not clear enough to hear what he was saying.

It became too much (i'm an emotional flower) so i broke my own rules, this evil spirit needed to back up a bit and give us some space, so I said my prayer and asked for spiritual back up, the banging and crashing from the floor above us was crazy ! Ive NEVER witnessed anything like it before or since it seemed to go on for ages like the furniture was being moved by someone with heavy boots.

What a night ! After we had packed up and got back to the hotel we flopped into the seats and just looked at each other, what the Hell just happenned ?? ... . We were all silently trying to pick our way through the crazy events we had witnessed, make sense of it and settle it in our minds.... after about 20 minutes (and a glass of wine later) Hannah says "So are we going back there again?" Jogged out of our dream we all looked up, had a quick think and unanimously agreed.

To all of our brave team next week..... we will see you there.

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