Chambercombe Manor

You may already know this property is down as a favorite of ours 🤔❤️

Tucked away in a valley (which looks straight out of a horror movie) you have to wonder what shady things have happened here over the centuries, in the secrecy of the valley walls sheltered by tall trees.

Certainly there are many stories surrounding this Manor House, some of which are history rather than legend, such as the room which was walled up, once opened the remains of a woman were found on a four poster bed 😱 the legend is that a tenant desparate to buy the Manor from his landlord took to wrecking ships on the coast line below the Manor. One stormy night he successfully wrecked a merchant ship, aboard the ship was the tenants daughter, visiting her father. He found her bloodied body clinging to life, not recognising her but noticing she carried valuables and was a woman of means he carried her back to the Manor placing her upon the bed. His wife tended the young woman but the next day she passed away.

Relieving the young woman of her valuables the couple noticed an item which had once belonged to their daughter, given as a wedding present. Suddenly they realised her identity. Grief and guilt stricken they decided to entomb her in the room, laid out in her gown and jewellery.

Another story is one heard often, the story of a maid who fell in love with her dubious land lord. The relationship lasted many months and inevitably ended up with a baby. The poor maids cruel lover came to her in the dead of night, hopeful he would acknowledge his child she showed him her baby. Cradling it in his arms he marched away with the baby and promptly drowns it in the pond. Horrified and Devastated the maid took her own life. Legend says you can see her sitting at the edge of the pond looking for her baby.

There was the daughter of the Lord of Chambercombe manor who fell in love with one of the local village men, they planned to elope together away from her cruel father. Although she realised her unsuitable match wouldn't please her father she didn't realise the lengths he would go to make sure it had no future.

The young couple set a date to marry in secret and elope to Ireland. Excited and happy she left the Manor house in silence ran down the garden at the rear of the property and waited at the agreed rendezvous for her lover. Hours passed as she waited in the cold and the damp, as the sun started to rise, realising he wasn't coming she was forced to head back to the Manor heart broken.

She hadn't escaped unnoticed, her father punished her by locking her away, making sure she would never find another lover that he hadn't chosen.

As the days and weeks passed the servants feeling sorry for the jilted bride smuggled letters and messages out of the Manor to the village, but there was no sign of the man she loved no one had seen him. Believing he had indeed changed his mind she resolved herself to her fate of a grrom chosen by her father.

Weeks turned to months when a message found its way to her, a body had been found weeks previous, he had been beaten to death and left. He had been identified as the man she loved.

Realising he had been murdered at the hands of her father and desparate to escape her prison and her life she bribed a servant to leave her window ajar, sneaking out in the middle of the night through the kitchen garden to the gate facing out to the garden where she had run towards her desired future she stopped. This was where she last remembered happiness. Taking her belt and throwing it over the arch and stepping on the kitchen stool she passed from this world to meet her lover in the next.

The spirit of a young woman has been seen running through the garden to the rear of the Manor many times even recently.

Certainly there has been piracy, ship wrecking and many other illegal happenings on this property but it has also been the countdy home of respectful families as well. Actually Lady Jane Gray who was Queen for a week spent time here in her youth, it was supposedly one of her favourite houses.

We have had Many, many paranormal experiences here which is what keeps us coming back for more.

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