February's Snow Full moon

Tonight is February's Snow Full Moon ❄️

This evening the moon is the closest point in its orbit to Earth, making it the largest and brightest full Moon of the year. So there will be lots of extra planetary energy to connect too, as well as the moon's 'normal lunar energy'.

As well, as being known as the snow moon, its also called/known as... The Ice moon, Hunger moon & the Cleansing moon. The native american tribes referred to it as the snow moon, because it use to be the time that the greatest amount of snowfall would come. As well as them, at times calling it the Hunger moon. Because it was also this time of year, that it was so difficult trying to gather & find food. Where as it was the Celts, who gave the magical moon its name 'The Ice moon.'❄️

Believe it or not the moon tonight, represents the coming of spring. 🌱 It’s a time when the seeds start stirring to life under the cold frosty ground. Farmers are starting to plan & plant crops in their fields, ready for the year ahead. And animals start to feel their young in their tummies. As they get ready for their spring births. At long last, the sleepy winter is finally coming to an end & mother earth is in her early awakening, for the longer days in the warmth of the glorious sun. ☀️

Tonights lunar qualities are emotion & instincts. We should all try & use our increased emotional strength & intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. As hard as it is at times, we should try a detached approach to looking at life. Because when we do this, we can make the right choices based on our observations. And focus on new beginnings. Whether it be dreams or goals, that you have made for the forth coming year. Just believe & have faith, as everything will turn out alright in the end. As long as you, remember to acknowledge any mistakes that may have occurred in the past. But most of all this moon tonight, is about remembering to forgive & love yourself. And make plans for your future. For there is great changes on the horizon. 🌕 🕉️

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