Happy Samhain

For centuries people have celebrated Halloween here in Britain. But how many people actually know, that one of our favourite times of the year has its origin deep in Pagan Celtic traditions...

Its very important & rather interesting to read & recognize, how the structure of the years calendar affected the celts religious practices.

Much like today with 'modern' pagans, certain practices & beliefs are based on the wheel of the year.

Years ago the 'Celtic year' was divided into two halves, the light & the dark half. Which were then delineated <-(means something was precise) by two of their 4 fire festivals, these which we now know today are the two solstices. Summer & winter.

The fire festival held in honor of Samhain, was to mark the beginning of darkness.

The big bonfires that they would burn, were also lit to appease deities. <-(gods) For it was said the the 'old' celtic gods, would make themselves visible on this night.

During this time they would also sacrifice crops & animals. As a protective measure from evil beings & otherworldly wonders. Offerings would be left outside, for mischievous spirits.

For we all know that tonight, is when the veil between our 'two worlds' is at its thinnest.

What ever you may being doing this evening to celebrate, please make sure you stay safe in these uncertain times.

Incase you was wondering how you say Samhain. Its pronounced 'sow -inn'

Happy Halloween!!

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