July's Buck full Moon

The reason why July's full moon is called the Buck moon. Is because its around this time of year, that the antlers of a buck just begin to emerge from its forehead. Bucks then will shed their antlers every year. With new ones growing back, even more bigger & impressive than before!

So just like a bucks antlers, this full moon lunar eclipse will represent a new growth for us all. New beginnings & a new chapter will emerge through the thunderstorm, that has so far been 2020. You will find the fresh new energy to help you move forward. If the weight of the 'rain' from the storm has left you feeling washed out. Don't fret, the time for healing is here! You should (or at least try to) take comfort in natural healing methods, such as herbs & crystals throughout the month of July.

For the Buck moon is not about an end to the chaos. It's about seeking health & wisdom despite all the chaos.

So again just like last month, this moon is special because its a lunar eclipse/penumbral eclipse. Incase you were wondering a penumbral eclipse happens, when the magnificent moon crosses through the faint outer edge of the earths shadow (otherwise known as the penumbra) making the moon appear slightly darker than it normally does. Unlike a full lunar or solar eclipse, the visual effect of a penumbral eclipse is normally really minimal and can be hard to see. Tonight will be even harder to see it because, only a small portion of the moon will cross over into the penumbra, which will make it even more difficult to see.

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