Sturgeon Full Moon

Good evening 🌕

After the rough month of July the Sturgeon full moon, is certainly swimming into our lives tonight, to show us that we are stronger than we think.

Hopefully this will be great encouragement, as so many people are going through difficult times right now & this full moon is all about survival. If you're feeling abit 'meh' so to speak. Make sure you take some me time this evening & ask for the strength of the sturgeon moon, to pull you through any remaining obstacles in your life at the moment. The energy from tonights moon, will also help you connect better with people.

If you listen carefully, the message is clear. The waters are calm & connect all nature. From the playful streams, to the great lakes & the oceans. Everything is connected, one way or another. For it is us, who are the sturgeons who swim in these lakes. 🌕

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