The 2019 Super blood wolf moon.

It will be the last for 18 years & the last total lunar eclipse until May 2021. It can be seen between 20th - 21st January (fingers crossed for a clear night sky)

What is a lunar eclipse ? It's where the moon passes into the Earths shadow. Usually during a full moon the Earths shadow misses the moon. But on this special occasion they all line up. To make it extra special at this time the moon is near it's closest approach to the Earth, making it appear larger in the sky - thus making it a super moon 😁 That's the science, now for the spiritual meaning..... what does this mean for all the beautiful people, attuned to the moon like me ? Ok so during the phase of totality the moon will pass through the zodiac sign Leo.... remember the last few new moons where I have been saying to begin planning, lay the foundations of your plans ? ( if you havent done this its not too late .) Well this ridiculously powerful eclipse of the full moon will be giving these plans the kick start they deserve. Manifesting the things we have been wishing for and more. But watch out as the manifestation process is never straight forward. We get what we need as well as what we think we want. This may make you feel like your life is turning upside down, but every bump in the road is planned and meant to be, so keep the faith and don't be too perturbed, in the end everything will fall into place.

And as if all of this weren't enough we will all be more "open" as well ! Let's make the most of it and widen our perceptions. So for the next few weeks buckle in for an exhilarating, bumpy, eye opening ride.... don't forget

your goals and keep the faith ❤

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