The Dartmouth Museum Investigation

This weekend (as most of you know), the team met up in Dartmouth to check out the Museum. And what a place that is ! The entire place is jammed full of amazing and unique artefacts that could literally keep you busy for weeks !

The entire time we were there things were happening. From bumps and bangs to extreme temperature changes felt by us all including our volunteer, voices and many other things. We all walked out of the Museum on Saturday dying to get back in it again.

What a place Dartmouth is !! I know I don't need to tell any one of you who live in Devon this but.....whew what a place Dartmouth is !

My lovely husband decided to take us down Friday night ( its a bit of a long drive from where we live) we stayed in a beautiful B&B and went out for a meal at the Fabulous Taylors. After a beautiful meal we poodled down to the Cherub, another of Dartmouth's truly unique buildings.

I think I spent Saturday looking up at all of these truly remarkable buildings with my mouth agape !... what wouldn't I do to get into some more of them

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