The ghost of the Wackum Inn.

The Wackum Inn is in Whitehall Road, Bristol, originally called The Beaufort Arms.

Maurice Lee took over the pub in 1992. The locals told him it had a few paranormal residents but he thought nothing of it, at first.

His problem was his pet dog would go nowhere near the cellar. The problem got worse as time went by.

The cellar claimed another victim of fright a few months later, when a surveyor came to examine the building. He came out after his inspection looking very concerned, and Maurice thought this was going to cost him dearly. However, it wasn't the building structure that was the problem, it was the surveyor didn't think he was alone.

Admitting to Maurice he was a bit on the "sensitive" side, two names had come into his head while down there. George Blanchard and Herbert James. He felt Herbert may have been a military man.

A few months further on, late one evening, after the pub had closed, Maurice was in the cellar. Tiding up after a nights trading, he became immediately aware he wasn't on his own. Gripped with fear, he managed find the energy to turn his head. Staring back at him was a thin man with dark hair, very neatly dressed with a moustache. Wearing a waistcoat and what was described afterwards as naval uniform. Maurice turned towards the man and he disappeared in front of his eyes.

Source- ghost stories of the south west- Tony Wells and Melanie Warren

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