The Phantom Pilot

A few weeks ago, I started reading a book & I came across this 33yr old story.

In 1987 Mrs Sayer and some of her friends, were visiting the Fleet Air Arm Station at Yelverton in Devon.  Mrs Sayers friends persuaded her, to sit in the cockpit of a retired helicopter. Which had been used during the Falklands War. Mrs. Sayer told an investigator from the Society for Psychical Research, that even tho it was a hot summers day. She remembered feeling rather cold, sitting in the co-pilots seat. Out of the numerous photos taken, only one came out. Which shows a hazy figure in a white shirt sitting in the pilots seat next to her. Mrs Sayer and her friends were adament, no one was sat there at the time the photo was taken!

Can you see the phantom pilot? 

 (Book - Ghosts and the spirit world - Pg46/47.)  (Photo of Mrs Sayer -

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