Welcome to Wednesday

Good Morning & Welcome to Wednesday.

I thought I would give you something a bit different today.

Did you know that the world is experiencing a spiritual awakening right now ? That dispite what we hear on media there is a huge amount of good and wonderful things happening ? There are a great number of Earth Angels, healers and light workers among us spreading love and light where it is needed (perhaps you are one?) And a great shift is happening NOW. People are not only speaking up against greed and corruption, but standing up to it. We have started reject GMO food in preference to Organic, we have started to protect and love our planet, rather than destroy it. People are opting out of the slavery of employment, choosing a simpler more peaceful life off grid. Our choices are beginnu g to change and our eyes are openning to these choices ..... it is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one

Monday 22nd April is Earth day, How will you celebrate it ?

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