What to put for a catchy title!

What a glorious afternoon, especially after the last couple of horrible grey wet ones!

Anyways where was I... I’m Dannielle, otherwise known as Lell.

And I’m also part of the Oracle Mediumship team.

When I’m not out investigating haunted locations, with the team & our guests. I spend about 75% of the time refereeing my 7 &4 yr old monsters! Oh wait, I mean children not monsters.

As you’ve probably guessed already, I have a massive interest in the paranormal & all things supernatural. I love collecting crystals and learning about their different properties and uses. Not to mention, being outside and at ‘one with nature’.

But that’s just a tweeny snippet about me...

I have plenty more to share but right now, I’ve got to go upstairs and investigate why both my little ‘beings’ have gone deadly silent!

Have a safe afternoon everyone, Lell. X

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