Shepton Mallet Prison is one of the few places which are so haunted that introductions are not really necessary.

It was the place of execution for the county of Somerset from 1889, having taken over from Taunton, and civilian executions took place there up to 1926. These were :
Samuel Rylands who suffered on the 13th March 1889 for the murder of a little girl, the first to be hanged here.
A little over two years later, on the 15th December 1891 Henry Dainton was hanged for the murder of his wife at Bath.
Charles Squires was executed on the 10th of August 1893 for killing a child.
A further four men hanged there in the years 1914 - 1926. The first of these executions was that of Henry Quarterly on Tuesday the 10th of November 1914 for shooting dead his neighbour, Henry Pugsley. Thomas Pierrepoint officiated at his hanging. Verney Asser followed Quarterly to the gallows on Tuesday the 5th of March 1918. Asser was an Australian soldier stationed at Sutton Veney during World War I, who had shot a fellow soldier, Acting Corporal Joseph Durkin. He was tried at Devizes in Wiltshire in January 1918 and subsequently hanged by John Ellis, assisted by William Willis.
Robert Baxter hanged William Bignall on the morning of Tuesday the 24th of February 1925 for the murder of his girlfriend Margaret Legg.
On Tuesday the 2nd of March 1926 the last civilian execution took place at Shepton Mallet when Tom Pierrepoint hanged John Lincoln for the murder of Edward Richards at Trowbridge in Wiltshire.


Lets not forget some of the most famous inmates of the prison, the Kray twins spent time here in the early 1950's. 

Your investigation with us .........

To allow you to get the most from your investigation with us we will keep the head count to a minimum we have no more than 20 places to fill.

We understand that the best evidence can be found in the quiet with no noise or human pollution. 

We will bring equipment including;

SLS Camera

Night vision cameras

Geo box

Spirit boxes and speakers

Digital recorder


Motion activated alarm system

Motion activated lights

Light balls 

Spirit board 

K2 Meters 

REM Bear

As with all of our investigations we will take a break where we will provide a cold food spread consisting of pastries or sandwiches, cold meat, cheese bread, crisps, salad and a dessert as well as some soft drinks, tea and coffee. There will be vegetarian and vegan options on request. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know.

Biscuits and snack will also be available. 

Please make sure you are dressed appropriately, you will be doing a LOT of walking, it may be chilly so layers are essential and don't forget your torch !!


Investigation details

Date 10th September 2021 

Arrive for 8:30pm - 
Finishes at 2:30am

Property more than 40,000 square meters

Scare factor - 100 %

Ticket price £55 (reserve your ticket with a £25 deposit)