SLS Camera- from gaming to ghost hunting.


A SLS camera is combination of three main parts. An old XBOX 360 Kinect camera, a Windows based tablet and some software to do the magic.


The Kinect camera was designed to track human movement to play video games.

What it also did, was recognise the human form/body shape as well. This is what the SLS camera takes advantage of.


It does this by using different types of cameras to provide a multi layered "map" of the area being scanned. The tablet and software within, take this map and displays it all combined on the screen.

In a haunted location you will, on occasion, see the humans in the room but it will also pick up on figures that are not present. This is believed to be ghosts and spirits coming through. The evidence can be very compelling at times with movement in the "stickman" sometimes happening on request. Again, another good tool to compile evidence with.