Terms and Conditions

We here at Oracle Mediumship (to be referred to as “We” from now on) offer a number of services which include but are not limited to;

• Investigations; whether in a private group or as an individual in a group scenario.
• House Clearances if you should be experiencing spiritual issues within your property.
• Card and Physic readings

Where applicable We provide the venue for your entertainment.  Please be advised that although we use the term entertainment, there is a serious side to our endeavours.  We do not exaggerate or falsify any results from our investigations.

We or the venue reserve the right to cancel up to one week prior to the event date.  We will always endevour to re-book the event  without refunding any monies previously paid to us. If we cannot re-book an event with the venue we will offer an alternative event or refund your ticket.

Please be aware that tickets are NON REFUNDABLE unless the event has been cancelled and an alternative event cannot be offered.

If we have advertised the investigation with a holding deposit, please make sure that the final payment takes place one calendar month before the date specified on the website.  Otherwise all tickets will be paid for in full upon booking. Please note where deposits are paid they are non-refundable; if you cancel your booking you will not get your deposit back. 


Tickets can only be transferred by the person who made the booking and the name of the attendee must be provided to us.

Before you book your ticket, please make sure that read the following Exceptions. 


If you fall within any of these categories we reserve the right to ask you to leave and we will not refund any monies paid.
• No pregnant women
• No under 18s
• No drinking of alcohol before or during the event
• If you suffer from a heart condition, please do not attend

If you refuse to comply with our COVID -19 regulations we reserve the right to ask you to leave any event with no refund.

The venues we attend are old buildings where the floors are uneven and there is little or no heating available.  We require that you:
• Wear comfortable/sensible shoes
• Wear warm clothing

We provide snacks and hot drinks during the event.  If you should have a particular dietary requirement please include that information in writing to us.  Our email address is othersideconnection@gmail.com

Thank you for booking with Oracle Mediumship, we pride ourselves in the fact that we keep our groups on the smaller side so our customers get a better experience.  We do not fake or exaggerate any of the experiences that are had.