The history of Warmley Clock Tower is the history of William Champion. 
William designed and patented a process for producing Zinc from the ore Calamine in 1738 and he used this method at Warmley. As the ore was heated it gave off Zinc as a gas which was then recovered by condensation. It is said that this was the first time that Zinc had been produced commercially in Europe as such William shot to fame and Warmley was a prosperous metal works and expanded several times in a short period earning enough to allow the nearby Warmley house to be built. 

In 1767 The Company suffered financial difficulties after the latest expansion and Williams partners dismissed him and declared him bankrupt and so William Champions dreams came to an end in heart ache and financial difficulty 


Close to Bristol and the Bristol Channel Warmley would have have had a plentiful work force. If you were a skilled person you would have been paid well for your skill however if you were elderly or a woman or child or you had no documentation you would have found it hard to find any work other than the dirty and dangerous unskilled work carried out at brass works such as these. 
In the 1700's injury and death were rife, the heath and safety bought in during the 20th Century didn't exist and if you could walk you could work no matter your age. There was no such thing as minimum wage so even toiling from before dawn until well after dusk you would still have found it hard to make ends meet.

The poor life was a hard life.

Factory workers.jpg

Warmleys ghost's are plentiful. From the poor who still turn up for work hoping to earn enough money to stop their families from starving, to spirit children playing. Disembodied voices and lights, but the one I wonder about the most is the lonely figure of William Champion who both made and broke the fortunes of this amazing place.

Your investigation with us .........

To allow you to get the most from your investigation with us we will keep the head count to a minimum we have no more than 20 places to fill.

We understand that the best evidence can be found in the quiet with no noise or human pollution. 

We will bring equipment including;

SLS Camera

Night vision cameras

Geo box

Spirit boxes and speakers

Digital recorder


Motion activated alarm system

Motion activated lights

Light balls 

Spirit board 

K2 Meters 

REM Bear

As with all of our investigations we will take a break where we will provide a cold food spread consisting of pastries or sandwiches, cold meat, cheese bread, crisps, salad and a dessert as well as some soft drinks, tea and coffee. There will be vegetarian and vegan options on request. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know.

Biscuits and snack will also be available. 

Please make sure you are dressed appropriately, you will be doing a LOT of walking, it may be chilly so layers are essential and don't forget your torch !!


Investigation details

Dates - 9th October 21  / 20th November 21
Arrival - 9pm  Departure 2:30 am 
Ticket Price - £50 per person
Refreshments - Cold spread pastries, sandwiches, cold meat etc
Property - Brass works 1700's, Hard labour, accidents, historical

Fear factor - 70%